Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm so hardcore

Last night I went to watch my friend drum at the Whiskey, a well-respected venue here in LA LA land. There were nine bands. I only stayed for the first three (my friend played first.)

The second band to come on was a hardcore / post metal / whatever new genre label the kids use today. Basically, tune the guitars to D, chug along on open strings for the verse, throw in some double bass and screaming. Not really my thing. At any rate, the vast majority of the crowd was young kids, probably 15 - 20. The band themselves were probably 16. Crazy. I felt like a chaperon. They all looked like emo - goth kids. Tight clothes, dyed hair, big piercings, etc.

At one point, the band is playing a little breakdown section, and I decide to dance a little. Instead of "hardkore" dancing, I start to do a little hip shuffle. I keep the feet planted and swing my hips from side, all the while accenting my rhythm with jabbing my fingers in the air like little guns. It was funny. I did it for about 8 seconds.

Now, I know I have the tendency to exaggerate, but I kid you not, when I got done with my dancing, about 1/5 of the club was staring at me. They were mortified. The lead singer stopped singing and says, "Hey look at that guy!" Then a big dude from behind me came up to me and said, "Stop dancing!"

It was hilarious. I became the most hardcore person in the place because of my sweet dance moves. Ahh, kids these days...

I am getting a haircut this week. I am cutting off the emo-swoop. I am not emo nor hardcore. I just like to rock out, chyea!!


smackD said...


that's hilarious..

janel said...

soooo, you are admitting you are not hardcore or you just figured it out?