Monday, February 16, 2009

Funny Things, The Crap List, Band Names

Funny Things:
Trent informed me today that the older gentleman in the picture I put up of him is his ex-girlfriend's day. That's why you de-tag after the breakup Trent.

The Crap List:
These people deserve to be publicly belittled for never calling me back.
Grant - I know your busy, but c'mon. But I doubt you read this, so I guess I will talk to you when I come home to Concord in May.
Julian - You at least tried. We played voicemail tag. But I tagged you last. Your it.

Band Names:
I don't know if I put this in the other post or not, but right now the working band names is "Polyester Red." Let's hear the reactions. I for one really like it. I will explain why later, but want to hear some thoughts based on the name alone. I mean, that is what the millions and millions of fans are going to have to do in a few years, amen?


smackD said...


Mark said...

you should name your band "nickelback!" because they're so awesome (sarcasm).

i think "the jay rays" would be a pretty sweet name though. (even though there is a dude out there named "ray j." i "heard" he made a sex tape with kim kardashian. something to consider. name confusion that is. not making a sex tape with kim kardashian.)

Crashnab said...

How about the Tiddy Bears. Besides being a phenomenal band name, its also a stuffed animal sleeve to go over your seat belt, protecting your..."tiddys?"

I'm not lying.