Wednesday, February 10, 2010


yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!! so tonight I am playing my LA debut. I got my boys Trent and Jeremy on the rhythm section, and I will be handling vocals and guitar work. Few things that are either going to make this AWESOME or a disaster...

1) Pedalboard: In the past I have only played with a few pedals at my disposal, mainly because it took too long to put them all together. A week or so ago I finally made a board. It is big and contains 8 pedals. It is quite a challenge to hit all the ones I need to ON TIME and not lose my balance and fall over. But I have been practicing with them and should be ok.

2) Backing Tracks: For you non-music types, this refers to music that is played via iPod/CD/laptop/etc that plays along with the band. Since this music never changes, it is super important to stay on time with it. So what I have done is made a special mix that has a click track in one headphone, which the drummer wears. If he counts correctly and stays on time, then the laptop will play along exactly with the band. Which means though there are only 3 people on stage, other parts are being played in unison. Awesome. Not too worried about this aspect either as it has gone really well in rehearsals.

3) Front manning: So, I have never really sung in front of people. Ever. I just recently started playing and singing by myself for small crowds in the last few months. I have yet to do it front of a decent sized group and with other loud instruments. I know I will be nervous as all get out when the show starts, but hopefully I can shake it by the first minute or so and just crush it!

So excited to start this part of my journey in LA! Thanks for keeping up with me, I will be sure to post whatever pics / videos I can find!