Friday, February 27, 2009

Fall Out Boy

My roomie just won free tickets to a festival w/ Fall Out Boy headlining. He can't go so I am taking them.

It bothers me when people sub-divide scales. Like when they say "7.5 out of 10," c'mon just say 7 or 8.

We had some mad rehearsal this past week for the show at the Whiskey. I also heard they are filming it, so we might have a video clip to upload here in the future. I am trying to figure out my wardrobe for the show; I gotta look fly in my LA debut!

Next week I am going to Utah for a week with my ol' roomies to hike and camp. I was slightly worried that someone might die, until I learned we recruited Matt Harrell for the trip. All is well now.

Finally, I would like to take a survey of my readership about age differences in dating. Let's use a hypothetical situation. Pretend someone is 9 or 10 years my junior, meaning they are 15 or 16. But they are really mature for their age. Sketchy? You be the judge.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This guy is pey-issed

I ganked this from Mark Nguyen, who ganked it from YouTube. Kind of like he ganked my old job. That man is pathetic and does nothing for himself. Anyways, at least he can find 2:24 of hilarious material on YouTube. Good job Mark.

Oh, Mark, I told you-know-who that you were slowly creeping closer to California in an attempt to seduce her and she immediately got in her car and drove to Canada. Sorry bro.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Julian called me yesterday about an hour after I posted my blog about him never calling me. He didn't read the blog, just wanted to call me. So props to him.

Grant, your still on my bad list.

I am sure most of you Facebookers are aware of the "25 Things" phenomenon. Normally I don't indulge in such things, but "the list" is amazing. I love reading my best friends' lists and I always laugh out loud so hard. I am going to compile a "best of" list for my next entry.

We got band rehearsal tonight. It will be the first time I have played a drum set at normal volumes for over 5 minutes since my arrival. Far too long. I am really, really excited.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Funny Things, The Crap List, Band Names

Funny Things:
Trent informed me today that the older gentleman in the picture I put up of him is his ex-girlfriend's day. That's why you de-tag after the breakup Trent.

The Crap List:
These people deserve to be publicly belittled for never calling me back.
Grant - I know your busy, but c'mon. But I doubt you read this, so I guess I will talk to you when I come home to Concord in May.
Julian - You at least tried. We played voicemail tag. But I tagged you last. Your it.

Band Names:
I don't know if I put this in the other post or not, but right now the working band names is "Polyester Red." Let's hear the reactions. I for one really like it. I will explain why later, but want to hear some thoughts based on the name alone. I mean, that is what the millions and millions of fans are going to have to do in a few years, amen?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Got A Gig


So Logan told me today that my blog was "falling off" because I don't post enough. I replied, "I just don't feel like many people read it." Then he told me that he reads it a lot, along with his sister and extended family. So, to Meagan and those crazy Dagleys in Tennessee, thanks for reading. I will try to post more often. I have plenty of stuff to write about, it just seems a little pretentious to write about it on my blog. Oh well, give the people what they want right? Right.

I finally got some cool stuff happening music wise. First off, I am trying to have my album done and ready to go my late May. That is definitely do-able if I just work hard. I have ten tracks planned; music is completely done on 8. I have about 20% of the vocals done, so it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it. I have gotten some pretty good feedback thus far from both strangers and friends on this stuff. Of course, my family loves it. But they have to; it's a requirement.

The most immediate excitement involves The Whiskey A Go Go. Yes, the famed club on the Sunset Strip. My friend Jeremy Graham is a bluesy rocker and needed a rhythm section, so I am playing the drums for him March 2. Should be lots of fun; there are a few other shows he has lined up, so as long as I am not a total clown on the set, I may get to play again with him.

As far as my own stuff, I am playing with a drummer named Trent (see below). He is a Starbucks co-worker. Though he doesn't admit it, he wants to be Aaron Gillespie (also see below). Which isn't a bad thing. I mean, he has the red hair and the 5 rolls down. I just gotta teach him to funk baby! Anyways, we have jammed a few times and are working on learning some of my stuff. It is sounding good.
Next up: Bass player.

Until next time, PEACE!!




Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Status Update

In today's high-tech world, there is no better way to let the world know how you feel without the awkward task of talking to people than the Facebook Status. It's a great thing.

Also, there is no better way to cap off a Wednesday night in February with a UNC smashing of Durham. That-a-way boys.

In honor of both the UNC victory and the Facebook Status revolution, I have decided to pick my favorite status' regarding tonight's game.

1) Robert Kancilia thinks Coach K should stick to his strategy of recruiting unathletic white guys.

2) Alex Fox there are seniors at duke who have spend some 10 months in a stupid [EDITED FOR CONTENT] tent just watch UNC kick their [EDITED FOR CONTENT] every time.

OK, so that is all I really have. But Rob's message away was worthy of a blog. Well done boys, well done.

Also, this man is my hero:

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm so hardcore

Last night I went to watch my friend drum at the Whiskey, a well-respected venue here in LA LA land. There were nine bands. I only stayed for the first three (my friend played first.)

The second band to come on was a hardcore / post metal / whatever new genre label the kids use today. Basically, tune the guitars to D, chug along on open strings for the verse, throw in some double bass and screaming. Not really my thing. At any rate, the vast majority of the crowd was young kids, probably 15 - 20. The band themselves were probably 16. Crazy. I felt like a chaperon. They all looked like emo - goth kids. Tight clothes, dyed hair, big piercings, etc.

At one point, the band is playing a little breakdown section, and I decide to dance a little. Instead of "hardkore" dancing, I start to do a little hip shuffle. I keep the feet planted and swing my hips from side, all the while accenting my rhythm with jabbing my fingers in the air like little guns. It was funny. I did it for about 8 seconds.

Now, I know I have the tendency to exaggerate, but I kid you not, when I got done with my dancing, about 1/5 of the club was staring at me. They were mortified. The lead singer stopped singing and says, "Hey look at that guy!" Then a big dude from behind me came up to me and said, "Stop dancing!"

It was hilarious. I became the most hardcore person in the place because of my sweet dance moves. Ahh, kids these days...

I am getting a haircut this week. I am cutting off the emo-swoop. I am not emo nor hardcore. I just like to rock out, chyea!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Concert

Last night a local radio station had a free concert featuring Shiny Toy Guns, one of my favorite groups. It was at CityWalk by Universal Studios. It's like an amusement park, except there aren't any rides - only overpriced stores. Anyways, they had a big screen showing the game, and about 15 minutes after it ended, the Shinys take the stage. I was excited because it was the first time I had seen them since the new album dropped back in November. The sound was pretty bad though. I don't even think the snare drum or guitar amp was coming through the speakers. I barely had to raise my voice to talk to Andrew, who was right next to me.

Anyhoo, they did pretty good. They got a new female vocalist, who is not nearly as good as their old one. Her voice was pretty shot last night. However, the lead singer is just a beast and I aspire to have talent like him. He broke a string on his guitar last night, and whilst the roadie was off to the side trying to fix it, the keyboard player triggered the loop to start the next song. At which point the lead singer, named Chad, looks over at him and says, "I don't even have a guitar *$&#head." Good thing he is awesome, because he just ripped up the first part of the song without a guitar. All in all, it was a decent show. Sound could have been better, but it was free. I am looking forward to a proper club show by STG in the future.

I have some possible exciting music news too in the near future, yee haw.