Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prop 8 Update

It has been almost three weeks since the election, and a lot of animosity and uncertainty surrounds Proposition 8. I put up a post earlier on the subject, feel free to peruse it. Several folks have asked for an update from a Californian's point of view, so this is it.

I originally said that I would vote against Prop 8 (thus voting against the ban of gay marriage) because I think the State should award citizens equal rights. That actually might not be the case. I discovered since then that civil unions can be awarded to homosexual couples. In light of this, I probably would have voted for Prop 8. Although I can understand the equality argument, I believe that upholding the sanctity of marriage is important, especially when the opponents of Prop 8 already have the same "rights" as heterosexual citizens. It is essentially arguing for a different name of something that exists.

Prop 8 passed in California, and even passed in LA county. Immediately all types of petitions, protests, and rallies flared up complaining about the legality of a proposition. Seems to me those things should have been taken care of BEFORE the whole election. Anyhoo...

It seems as if this issue is here to stay. No one has changed sides; opponents of Prop 8 are taking to the streets and complaining about their rights being infringed upon. Others are frustrated that the wishes of the majority are not being respected and are tired of the whole ordeal. I am sick of seeing it in the papers, personally. For now, the California media has bigger and more important issues to deal with in the sweeping wildfires across California. If you haven't heard of these, look them up. It's actually pretty scary; visibility was about 1 mile today on the freeway, which was a good 20 miles from the fire. Just crazy, crazy stuff. The whole city smells like a campsite.

Hope you all are well, thanks for reading. I just moved into a new house and only got internet today. I will be uploading a video tour shorty. Get excited.

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