Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did we win?!?!?!

Tonight was the first UNC basketball season opener, and I was very excited. My housemates and I set the DVR to record the game on two channels lest one not work right, and decided upon 8 o'clock as game time. We start the game and are enjoying watching our beloved Tar Heels give the Wildcats a workout. With 1:26 left to go, freshman Tyler Zeller gets fouled. He rises from the floor clutching his wrist. The replay comes on, and suddenly stops as Zeller rises in the hair for the one-handed flush. A small dialog box asks us whether or not we would like to keep the recording.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! We didn't record the last 1:26 of the game because it went past 8PM PST. I know we won, but it was disheartening nonetheless. Oh well, a lesson learned.

After a watching most of the Heels victory, I spent the night watching videos of drummers on YouTube. I have decided on one that you simply must watch, even if you are not a musician. If you are, you may be ashamed that you are probably at least 10 years older than this kid and he owns you.

I believe that video was made in the late 80's, the "kid" now has his own website,



Brian T. said...

speaking of drumming videos, i was looking at these off of mutemath's myspace. have you seen this?

or this one?

M:)M said...

Chad, this kids LOOKS just like you did when you were 10!! If he'd stuck his tongue out at least once or twice, I'd have sworn it WAS you! Call me! Miss you! Love you, M:)M

Andrew said...

You wouldn't have had to wait until the end to see how bad we lost to state today.

Turney - Light Durms = Awesome

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