Monday, October 20, 2008

The Face Kick

I cried today. I literally laughed so hard at my friend Nick Burns' pictures that my eyes got a little wet and I had to blink a lot and stare at the ceiling to make it go away.

These pictures are just so good, they must be shared with you. They are from his blog, which you can check out in the links to the right. I will post a little excerpt for you


One last thing. For the last few months we have been honing our skills at the ‘Action Shot.’ I think we have finally perfected the technique. I’d like to call this series “Face Kick: Paris”


Face Kick Under Eiffel Tower

Face Kick: Louve (notice guy in background, priceless)

Arc de Face Kick

Face Kick at Night

1 comment:

Crashnab said...

Hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed our facekick paris series. Although, the real talent is Erik's camera skills.
I think we'll be continuing the facekick series through the rest of our trip...get ready for facekick: Ireland and facekick: England.

Oh, and Tara says she really misses you, like whoa.

Later bro.