Monday, August 25, 2008

Rainy Monday

First, the update: I officially have a place to live. I would list the address, but that's scary. So, suffice it to say it is techinically in La Canada Flintridge, which is north of LA. Mapquest it, it's great. It's a cool setup, I'll be living with a family that is part of the YoungLife network. Gotta love it.

I am still working on two videos. You would think a Media Production major with no job could pull off some videos. Nope, not this guy. But soon enough. And they will hopefully be cool.

Today it was rainy. And it was Monday, hence the title. Rain is a funny thing. I mean, it puts people in weird moods. Pay attention next time it rains for a good while. People just get pissed. I was at a UNC Basketball game one time and it was raining real heavy when the game let out. People were really angry. Cussing, yelling, stampeding over each other. It was like someone had destroyed their car while they were inside. I'm thinking, “It's water. This is ridiculous.” I like to embrace the rain. It can even be fun. It's like a pool, but in the air. Think about it...

In honor of rainy days, you should check out this sweet video by one of my favorites, Shiny Toy Guns:
Rainy Monday

Fun Fact: The Shiny's are from LA. Possible collab? Hoping so.

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smackD said...

chad I love you. just so you know you've been on that list of people i'll keep in touch with no matter what for a long time.

LA will be amazing