Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FirstShow LastShow

I had a sweet chance to rock out the other night. I formed a band with some friends up here at summer camp. We were just gonna learn and play some cover songs for our friends. We named the band “FirstShow LastShow,” and it was a huge success. We made some t-shirts to sell and made over $600, which was all given to a family with financial burdens that we are committed to helping. Since I am the “soundman” up at camp this summer, I got to set everything up and get all the levels right. We also had some sweet lights and my man Brian Turney made a Flash video for the intro. It was crazy.

My fellow were rockers were Matt Chauta (lead VOX and guitar), Thomas Macinnes (bass and guitar), and John Creger (drums). We made some sweet fliers and took some band promo shots. Then on show night, we all got rockstar-styled up. Which ended up with me having the sides of my head cut real short and one long bang that hangs over my eye. Then we all put on eyeliner and looked real emo. It was then that I discovered why so many artists dress up and have stage personas – its fun. It made it so much easier to jump around and get into it. It's like Halloween for those in their mid-twenties. So I still have a really weird haircut and I'm trying to figure out what to do. I have two weddings between now and the move to LA. One of them I can pull off the rockstar haircut. But the other, I am a groomsmen, so we will see. I would like to keep it and figure out a way to make it look legit rockstar. Although all of my friends are gonna make fun of me when they see it. Oh well.

I will put up some pictures once I get some. For now, I will attach the flier. Check the mad photoshop skills.

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