Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Shoes and Broken Toes

So i bought some of these, Vibram FiveFingers

They are great, and I enjoyed them. For the two days that my foot fit in it. Early this morning I stubbed the heck out of my left pinky toe on a railroad tie. I wanted to blurt expletives but I didn't because the little kiddies at camp were around. Anyhoo, I thought it might just be dislocated because it could still move some. So this guy pulled on it. bad idea, it really hurt. that did make me scream expletives. So, I go to the doctor. Takes three hours, and he tells me the X-ray machine is broke, sends me to the hospital. Three hours later, they say I did, in fact, break my toe. Which I knew, I was just trying to get that workers comp to pay for it. Which it did.

Mission successful.

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Stephanie said...

I had a similar "run-around" experience when I was pretty sure I had a parasite or bacteria from being in Guatemala but the doctors at Urgent Care wouldn't even see me and made me go straight over to the ER. 8 hours and $8,000 later they said, your colon is inflamed, it's probably a bacteria. Just what I thought. Oh yeah, and insurance paid for it (YAY!).