Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The "Notice"

I gave my three week-ish notice to my boss last Friday. Crazy; time flies when your having fun, amen?

For those of you who didn't know, I have been working at Gurlitz Architectural Group since July 2007. It's been great; most people are surprised I went to UNC and ended up at an architectural firm. I have been able to do lots of cool things; draw plans, model buildings in 3-D, learn Photoshopping and web coding skills. The co-workers there were really cool too, except none of them like Bojangles or Maroon 5. Lame. One time this guy there named Adam said I was his hero. He hearts me. I always said, if I wanted to be an architect, then I had hit the jackpot. But I want to be a rockstar. So, off to LA I go. I am hoping to use the skills I learned here to get some part-time drafting work in the big city that will pay a little better than the alternatives. We shall see.

To further illustrate the greatness of Gurlitz, I shall tell this tale of mine. After telling Richard (the boss-man) I was leaving, he began to tell me about a guy in LA that was a client of ours (we built the office for the Sugar Hill record label, home to Nickel Creek.) He was helping me network literally 2 minutes after I gave him my notice! And another guy knows the bass player for Dave Matthews Band. Cha-ching. DollaBills in the bank.

So, in a nutshell, goodbye Gurlitz. Thanks for everything. I'll see you when I sell out RBC Center!

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