Saturday, April 18, 2009

We Got A Kitten!

To answer a common question... yes I like dogs better. But cats are way easier, so that is the trade off here. Plus, we aren't supposed to have pets and cats are easier to hide / clean up after. Here is a video interview with our new friend "Rockstar."

By the way, that is my guitar amp he jumps up on. What a rockstar.


Melissa said...

awe that's awesome! my cat is illegal too... but i've kept him hidden for over a year and a half!!! AND he's 20 pounds... better watch out though! With those lungs that little kitten is going to steal the show! Many new rockstars only DREAM of jumping on the amp and belting it out! haha. no fear.

Anonymous said...

Did you forget you are (and always have been) allergic to cats??

Chad said...

who are these anonymous posters?! Identify yourself you yellow-bellied coward