Friday, March 20, 2009

Rappers don't like me

My good friend Jeremiah Vaught is in the Los Angeles area for the next few days. Yesterday I gave him a tour of some of the finer sights in the city, including the walk of stars down in Hollywood. As we were walking through, a tall man holding a portable CD player and a stack of burned CDs approached us. He explained that he was a hip-hop artist who was going to be featured on BET next month, then asked if I could listen to 30 seconds of his music. I agree, and throw on the headphones. It was much better produced than I was expected for someone on the street. He hands me a burned CD of 20 tracks and asks if I can help him out with some money...

"Yea sure man, I am a struggling artist too, I don't mind helping you out."
(I pull out a dollar from my pocket)
"One dollar? Man, that's insulting! Can't you give me five?"
*With a sense of shock* "A dollar is insulting?"
"That's insulting man!"
"Well then, I'm sorry, but I'm not giving you five dollars. Here is your CD back."

A little later on I saw him giving the "insulting" speech to some high schoolers who obviously felt intimidated and gave him two dollars instead. What a clown.


greene21 said...

so is your next cd that comes out going to be 1 dollar?

Mark Nguyen said...

you should have given him 50 cent. i'm here all week folks.