Friday, December 5, 2008

Video Tour

So, some of you might know this, but I have moved. I lived in the beautiful suburb of La Canada when I first got to Cali, and I have sinced moved into Van Nuys. Which is right next to North Hollywood. Anyhoo, it's a sweet little pad and is as cheap as Chapel Hill. Too good to be true? Well, Van Nuys can get pretty ghetto. It is full of people like myself trying to be artists but don't make any money.

I live with three other guys. Two UNC alumni and a fella I met out here. It's a fun house. Our house has a pool and I live in the pool house out back. So, I have no plumbing, but the room is huge and it's great to play music in loud without disturbing others too loudly.

But enough talk. I made this little video to give you guys an up close and personal tour.

The first track in the video is a song from my forthcoming album ("Who is who.....") and the second track is a song I am recording for a client. Huzzah!



Andrew said...

2 points:

1 - Now that the debut album is delayed, I'm going to have to completely reconfigure my Christmas shopping. Thanks Chad.

2 - If you are, as you say you are, reading the 7th volume of Harry Potter, how did you find time to make this video?

Brian T. said...

u r a toolbag

Jessica said...

You crack me up!

janel said...

i think andrew was the real star of this video. no offense, chad.

and good job sticking with HP. let me know what you think of the ending.